Live and On-Demand Webinars 

Webinars are a great way to share your knowledge with contacts that may be interested in what you're talking about. They may not be ready to buy but are curious about what you offer. If the content is educational, interesting, and helpful, they'll keep coming back for future webinars. 

TSI Consultants can help you develop and deliver successful webinars from brain-storming webinar topics to hosting and facilitating the event. Typical webinars range anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes maximum depending on the subject and number of speakers.

Our webinar service includes:

  • Webinar hosting using the Zoom Webinar platform
  • Webinar development
  • Marketing promotion
  • Speaker or panelist outline
  • Custom slide designs
  • Webinar Moderator

Our Webinar Development Process

To ensure your webinar is successful, we follow a defined process over the course of 8 weeks. 

Weeks 1 - 2: Webinar Planning

Step 1 - Define the Webinar Topic

Webinars are considered MOFL (Middle-of-the-Funnel) content where prospects are interested in learning more about the expertise of your company. The topic of your webinar should be educational in nature (not a sales pitch) and should focus on helping your prospect learn more about a topic your organization can assist them with.

Step 2 - Develop a Project Plan

There are several tasks that need to take place in the 6 - 8 weeks before the webinar. We develop a project plan to help set what the expectations are from your organization as well as from any guest speakers or panelists that may participate in a webinar.

Step 3 - Speaker Confirmation

Before promotion of the webinar starts, we ensure that both internal speakers and any guest speakers are fully committed to the date and time of the webinar. 

Step 4 - Outline

We develop an outline of each webinar broken down into segments making it easy for speakers to understand how the webinar will flow.

Step 5 - Registration Landing Page and Form

The landing page for your webinar is where you direct attendees who want to learn more about what they will gain by attending your webinar. The webinar landing page is where visitors to your website are making their decision to allocate time from their schedule to attend.

Step 6 - Target Audience Identification

We believe the success of webinars should be measured in terms of the quality of the attendees as opposed to the number of attendees. 

Step 7 - Webinar Social Media Copy

In addition to email marketing and SEO, one of the most effective ways to promote your webinar is publishing a series of social media posts on LinkedIn and Twitter a minimum of 5 weeks before the webinar. 

Step 8 - Webinar Email Campaign Copy

Another part of the strategy to promote your webinar is email marketing that is a highly effective channel that you own. 

Weeks 3 - 8: Webinar Promotion and Preparation

Ideally the promotion of your webinar starts in week 3 of the project, which is 6 weeks before the webinar. In addition to following a schedule for social media posts and email campaigns, our focus is to prepare your webinar speakers or panelists for the event itself.

Step 9 - Webinar Presentation Deck

During the webinar slides are used to highlight your main talking points during the webinar and to display visuals to support the conversation. We develop slides that will keep your attendees focused on the conversation as opposed to focusing on slide with too much information.

Step 10 - Webinar Rehearsal

Typically the day before the webinar, a 30 minute meeting is scheduled to review the outline, slides and what the expectations are for each speaker.

Live Webinars

Once the day finally arrives, our goal is for everyone who is participating in the webinar as a speaker or panelist is fully prepared and ready to go! The best webinars are simply an interesting conversation that is focused on a particular topic of interest to your prospects and customers. We encourage our clients to avoid scripted webinars where speakers are reading from scripts 

Webinars need to be educational, helpful as well as entertaining.

On-Demand Webinars

Once the live webinar has occurred, offer it on-demand. Some people may sign up for it knowing they won't be able to attend the live event. By offering webinars on-demand you are providing your prospects and customers the opportunity to view the webinar at their leisure. On-Demand webinars also become an asset in your content library allowing visitors to your website the capability to view the webinar as well. 

Free Consultation

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By the Numbers

  • 76% of buyers have used webinars to research B2B purchasing decisions (Source: Demand Gen Report, 2017)
  • 79% of buyers are willing to share their personal information (name, email, company, etc) in exchange for access to a webinar (Source: Demand Gen Report, 2017)
  • 41% of video marketers use webinars as a marketing tool. Of those, 83% feel it's an effective strategy (wyzowl 2019)
  • 60% of marketers are using webinars in their marketing strategies Source: (Content Marketing Strategy, 2014)