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Insurers are seeking solutions to their problems online and in their own timeline. This requires different types of content at different times.

They are interested in solving business problems by working with solution providers who understand their business and not just the features and benefits of their solution.

Your blogs are your opportunity to show that you are an expert in your field. Prove to your audience that you know what you're talking about by providing helpful, useful and relevant information.

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Content Development and Strategy

As Bill Gates said back in 1996, "Content is King." Content is the message your marketing strategy delivers. It’s what you’re trying to deliver to your visitors, leads, customers, and promoters. It's your message, so make it count!

There are lots of different ways you can deliver that message: blogs, emails, landing pages, social media, and beyond. But without content, there’s nothing to deliver. 

Developing relevant content along with a strategy to keep your contacts interested in learning more about your solutions throughout their buying cycle is key to any marketing campaign.

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Demo Videos

A product demonstration video or "demo video" is an example of how your product or services work to educate your viewed. For example, showing how to use software, setting up a new device, or explaining a complex topic.

These videos should be somewhere in the area of 30 - 60 seconds and simple to understand. When you focus on developing videos that help educate how you can solve your prospects problem, they become a powerful, repeatable sales and marketing tool.

The three main types of demo videos we offer are:

  1. Overview Demos
  2. Recorded Demos
  3. Live Demos

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Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are animated videos that explains a concept or idea in an easy to understand way that is interesting and compelling to watch. Many times these videos are used to illustrate how your product or service can solve a problem or help an organization pursue a new opportunity. 

Ranging from 1 to 3 minutes in length, explainer videos typically use animated characters with or without a voiceover. Background music and sound effects can be used to keep your audience interested provided the explainer video is not too long in length.

Explainer videos that we offer include:

  1. Animated Explainer Videos
  2. Whiteboard Videos
  3. Social Media Video Ads

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Email Marketing

With more than 4.3 billion email accounts today, email is the largest universally adopted marketing channel. By following best practices, email marketing can be a highly effective channel for your organization and one that you own.

Unfortunately many insurtech companies purchase lists and send endless email blasts to people who don't want to hear from them. 

We believe the primary function of email is to nurture your leads into customers. And nurturing is all about sending the right email to the right audience at the right time.

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Graphic Design

Having the right images for your website, social media posts, blog articles, webinars, and paid ads directly influences your chance of success with your audience.

There is an enormous amount of images, illustrations, icons that can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of custom graphic design.

If you participate in industry conferences, these assets can be used to create banners, hand-outs, and signage for your table or booth.

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Market Research

According to the Venture Scanner Insurance Technology Sector Overview – Q3 2019 Update, "There are 1,552 insurtech startups across 14 categories through Q3 2019."

Before our clients invest in any marketing activities, we encourage them to test market their products and services using our marketing research methodologies.

Our Market Research offering is an interview-based methodology with the goal of aligning your value proposition with the needs of your target market segments.

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Paid Media and Search Ads

By investing in paid advertising, your ads are served up to a larger target audience where your personas are already looking for information.

Successful paid media campaigns are the result of using the correct combination of targeting, keywords, ads, bid levels and landing pages.

LinkedIn and Google Adwords offer powerful options for targeting buyer personas in the insurance industry.

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Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving your website so that it attracts more visitors from search engines and an important part of any inbound marketing strategy.

Having an effective SEO strategy will help interested buyers find your content at various stages of their buying cycle. Without one, potential buyers won't be able to find your content online.

Linking your domain to other credible sites will help position your company as a thought leader within your market segments.

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Social Media

If your organization is serious about creating awareness in the insurance industry, social media is an essential component of your marketing strategy.

Social media can help you attract some of the buyer personas within your target market segments to your website and increase your exposure.

Once you’ve exposed a new visitor to your site, social media can help you convert these visitors into leads by promoting your content.

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Live and On-Demand webinars are an effective way of sharing your domain knowledge to your customers and prospects.

Webinars can be part of your on-going content strategy to target individual buyer personas or your entire target audience depending on the topic.

The key to delivering a successful webinar lies in the 6 - 8  weeks of preparation and following a defined process. 

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Website Design & Development

If you are ready to update your traditional website to a sales-ready website, we design websites that are optimized to generate leads for your company. 

Your new sales-ready website can deployed on HubSpot or Wordpress using your existing content, new content or a combination of both.

We utilize website templates that can be customized to accelerate development time while keeping costs down. These template require little to no coding enabling you to focus on improving your content over time.

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inbound marketing programs

Inbound Marketing Programs

Our inbound marketing programs combine the marketing services necessary to create awareness of your organization, products and services within the insurance industry.

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