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Validate Your Target Markets

Validate and optimize your InsurTech or SaaS software solutions with our market research expertise. Identify your target markets accurately and position your offerings effectively to meet their needs. Trust our proven approach to take your business to new heights.

Market Research

Our Market Research Development Process

As the insurtech space continues to grow rapidly, it becomes increasingly difficult for insurers to identify, research, evaluate, and implement insurtech solutions for their organization.

Our Market Research approach utilizes interviews as a strategic method to match your value proposition with the specific requirements of your target market segments. Through this process, we engage with key stakeholders within your organization, as well as your customers, prospects, and industry contacts, to gain valuable insights.

Market Research Process

Market Positioning Document

We create a comprehensive Market Position Document that forms the bedrock of your Go-to-Market strategy, encompassing the valuable insights we have gathered below:

Real-Time Market Analysis

We conduct a dynamic analysis of your target markets by engaging in initial discussions with a diverse blend of satisfied customers, knowledgeable industry analysts, experts in the field, and trusted insurance carriers.

Customer Test Market Interviews

Engaging in meaningful conversations with our clients' customers is essential to our comprehensive research approach. Our objective is to gain a deep understanding of your customers' perception of your company throughout the selection process.

Elevator Pitch

We carefully create a series of compelling information that progressively highlights the exceptional advantages, qualifications, goals, and objectives that your product offers. Discover why it is essential for prospects to invest their time in learning more.

Prospect Test Market Interviews

We will trial the Market Position document with three industry contacts, providing an overview of your company's unique value and offerings. We will develop interview questions addressing your company's positioning and solution value.

Technical Audience Positioning

We focus on what the solution offering is along with key functions that will resonate with a technical audience such as a CIO, CTO, VP of Application Development, Architect, or VP of Information Technology. 

Business Audience Positioning

We specialize in crafting strategic positioning for your company and tailor-made solutions that resonate with top-level executives like CEOs, CFOs, COOs, as well as key decision-makers in Claims, Underwriting, Operations, and Finance departments.

Ideal Customer Profile

We meticulously outline the key qualities of a potential or "perfect fit" customer who we believe would be genuinely intrigued by the solutions offered by your company.


We conduct an in-depth SWOT analysis on your top three to five competitors.

Account Targeting

We carefully curate a comprehensive list of industry targets, taking into account carrier size, type, and LOBs. Throughout the project, we remain open to including additional targets as necessary.

Marketing Campaigns

We document opportunities for your company for upcoming events, press releases, speaking engagements, web seminars, or other marketing events for the next 12 months.


Market Research Consultation

Our process is a proven way to create, modify, or validate the positioning and messaging of your organization and the solutions you provide.

Sign up for our no-cost Market Research consultation to discuss how an investment in market research can improve your short-term and long-term marketing results.

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Market Research

Can your market research offering help us with the target markets we are currently struggling with?


We offer a fresh perspective on your target market segments, assisting you in making the vital adjustments or decisions to gracefully withdraw from a specific segment.

What if I don't have any customers yet?


Instead of solely interviewing existing customers, we can engage with investors, evangelists, and other passionate supporters of your service or solution.

What have been the results of clients that have completed your market research program?


Clients who have invested in our market research program have experienced shorter times to gain traction and make better sales and marketing hires.