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Our Consulting Offerings

From market research to major event planning, our expertise covers property and casualty, life insurance, and self-insured organizations.

Market Research

Through our interview-based approach, we seamlessly harmonize your unique value proposition with the specific needs of your target market segments.

Market research

GTM Strategy and Plan

Crafting a well-rounded marketing strategy and plan that not only boosts brand visibility but also drives valuable leads, all while staying within your allocated marketing budget.

Content and SEO development

Analyst Briefings

We collaborate with your team to efficiently coordinate, strategize, and execute tailor-made online analyst briefings with leading insurance industry analysts.

Analyst briefing

Major Event Planning & Support

As experts in event management, we assume the role of researching, suggesting, and coordinating individual events on behalf of your organization. These events usually involve your organization exhibiting, speaking, or both.

Major event planning

Advisory Consulting Consultation

Schedule a time to discuss any of our advisory consulting services.

Let’s Talk

Our Expertise and Domain Knowledge

Property Casualty
Property & Casualty

We have experience helping InsurTech companies create awareness and generate demand with carrier groups, mutual insurers, digital insurers, and MGA's

  • Personal Lines
  • Commercial Lines
  • Workers' Compensation
Life insurance
Life Insurance

Our experience with life insurer spans claims, fraud mitigation, underwriting, and distribution for all size carriers including global corporations.

  • Group Life
  • Individual Life
  • Voluntary Benefits
Self insured market

Our InsurTech clients have targeted multiple industries that self-insure for workers' compensation, commercial auto and property, and specialty lines.

  • Captives
  • Risk Pools and RRGs
  • Self-Insured Organizations

Advisory Consulting Services

How does your Market Research offering differ from your GTM Strategy and Plan?

Our exclusive Market Research solution aims to thoroughly analyze and validate your specific target market segments, providing valuable insights that can guide your decision-making process before committing valuable resources to sales and marketing efforts.

Do you have an offer for ongoing advisory consulting?

We are delighted to offer our expertise in tackling the ongoing marketing and selling challenges that businesses face in the insurance industry. With a long-term commitment, we provide valuable advice to help you navigate and thrive in this ever-evolving market.

What other advisory consulting services can you offer?

We specialize in offering comprehensive advisory services to enhance your company's sales and marketing processes and systems, as well as assist in navigating and conquering potential risks and challenges.

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