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Inbound Insurance Sales Training.

HubSpot Academy offers several excellent online courses that are available to your sales team to become proficient in inbound sales. We augment the HubSpot training with live, online training on how to leverage the power of inbound sales when targeting the insurance industry.

Inbound Sales Methodology

We offer live inbound sales training that is customized for your target market segments in the insurance industry. Our training covers all four stages of the Inbound Sales Methodology: 

Inbound Sales Process

Our Inbound Sales Training

Our cutting-edge inbound sales training is conveniently delivered remotely through the advanced platform of Zoom. The highly engaging training sessions are tailored to specifically meet the needs of your unique product or service, as well as your discerning target audience. Additionally, for your utmost convenience, these invaluable sessions can be easily recorded for future reference.

Eight One-hour Live Sessions

We break up our inbound sales training into either eight, one-hour live sessions over four weeks or two weeks, as opposed to taking salespeople away from their prospects and customers for one to two days.

We recommend that these sessions be gamified with cash or gift card prizes.

Inbound Prospecting Methodology

Our Inbound Sales Training is built upon a highly effective Inbound Prospecting Methodology that has been successfully utilized by numerous clients. This methodology not only yields remarkable results with inbound leads but also enables seamless follow-up with contacts obtained from conferences, referrals, and various other sources.

Positioning Statements

This training will be a delight for your sales team as it focuses on nurturing marketing-qualified leads instead of resorting to cold-calling. Our training program encompasses the strategies and techniques to effectively position your products or services at every stage of the buyer's journey.

Homework Assignments

Our "homework assignments" provide a valuable chance for your sales team to apply their newly acquired knowledge to their unique situations. Our ultimate aim is for everyone to not only grasp the inside sales process but also gain practical tools they can implement right away.

Custom Role Plays

They say that practice leads to perfection, and that's precisely why role plays are invaluable. We skillfully craft realistic role plays centered around your exceptional product or services, perfectly tailored to your specific target audience.

Voicemail Scripts

Your sales team will leave with professionally developed voicemail scripts as part of our prospecting methodology.

Email Templates and Sequences

Our cutting-edge prospecting methodology includes the creation of personalized email templates and sequences that empower your sales team to engage with prospects instantly.


Inbound Sales Training Consultation

We offer a no-cost consultation to help you determine if our Inbound Sales Training approach is right for your organization.

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Inbound Sales Training

What is the difference between Inbound Sales Training and just Sales Training?

Advancements in technology have revolutionized the way insurers discover, analyze, assess, and choose products and solutions for their organizations. Outdated techniques like cold-calling, email blasts, appointment setting, and other disruptive tactics have become obsolete.

Inbound sales revolutionize the sales process to align with the modern buying behavior of consumers.

My sales team is new to the insurance industry. How else can you help?
We specialize in offering comprehensive training programs on the intricacies of the insurance industry.
Do you offer onsite training?
Our team will personally bring our inbound training directly to your location, complete with travel expenses covered, for an added convenience.