Understand Your Target Market Segments

According to Venture Scanner, there are 1,541 insuretech companies across 14 categories. (Source: Venture Scanner)

The insurtech space is growing at a pace making it difficult for insurers to identify, research, evaluate, and implement insurtech solutions for their organization. One of the keys to success for an insurtech company, whether you are an early-stage startup or an established company is to ensure your value proposition resonates in your target market segments. 

The TSI Market Research Process

Our Market Research offering is an interview-based methodology with the goal of aligning your value proposition with the needs of your target market segments. We interview key people at your company to understand their perspectives, your customers, our prospects and key contacts in the industry. This process has proven to be an excellent way for our clients to create, modify or validate the positioning and messaging of both their company and solutions in the industry through a third party.

The diagram below illustrates the steps involved in our Market Research engagement. We start by taking the time to fully understand and document your company’s go-to-market strategy, value proposition, and differentiation in the market in the form of a customer briefing. It is important for us to understand what has worked as well as what has not worked with your sales and marketing efforts.

Market Research Process

The deliverables from our market research offering include:

  • Customer test market interviews
  • Marketing positioning document
  • Prospect test market interviews
  • Company content review
  • Executive summary report with recommendations

Free Consultation

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By the Numbers

  • Over 8,000 insurance professionals attended the 2019 Insuretech Connect conference making it the world's largest insuretech event (Source: Insuretech Connect)
  • It's more important today than ever for businesses to understand their customer's needs, and exceed their expectations