How Can Inbound Sales Help Grow My Company?

Develop a Buyer-Centric Sales Process

Building a sales process that supports the buyer through their journey is the first step. This results in alignment between the salesperson and buyer as opposed to being at odds with each other through the buying and selling process.

Help Salespeople Focus on Active Buyers

Prioritizing buyers that are in an active buying cycle ahead of passive buyers can be the difference between a successful business and a failing one. 

Build Relationships Based on Trust

Inbound salespeople build trust by personalized messaging and advice based on the prospect's interest as opposed to the seller's needs.

Develop a Repeatable Sales Model

Having a repeatable sales model is the first step for having a sales model that is scalable. The inbound sales methodology a four step process that does not require cold-calling or other disruptive tactics.

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What is Inbound Sales?

Inbound Sales is a methodology for creating a sales process that supports the prospect through the three stages of the buyer's journey (Awareness, Consideration, and Decision). As a prospect moves through the buyer's journey, the four stages of the inbound sales methodology sales process: 
Identify, Connect, Explore, and Advise.
Due to the proliferation of marketing materials on the internet, the modern buyer is no longer dependent on salespeople for access to information when making their purchase decisions. Inbound salespeople recognize the need to transform their sales experience to be personalized to the buyer’s context. Inbound sales teams recognize the need to transform their entire sales strategy to be based on serving the buyer, rather than the seller.


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Four Stages of the Inbound Sales Methodology


Inbound salespeople prioritize active buyers ahead of passive buyers

Identifying the right business opportunities from the start can be the difference between a thriving business and a failing one. It also helps salespeople create a predictable, scalable sales funnel.

Most active buyers are already in the awareness stage and may have already visited the company website, filled out a form, downloaded content or opened emails.



Inbound salespeople help educate prospects on the problem or opportunity they are exploring

Legacy salespeople focus their prospecting efforts on cold calls, cold emails and voicemails. These types of cold outreach highlight the same generic elevator pitch and entice the buyer with a discount or promotion.

Inbound sales leads with a message personalized to the buyer's context. They develop trust with buyers by showing a genuine interest in helping.



Guide an exploratory conversation 

When a buyer expresses interest, you guide an exploratory conversation to develop additional trust and uncover deep buyer goals through a conversation. Your focus is on the challenges they are facing that is slowing down their progress.

You connect the buyer's goals with the challenges they are facing and introduce how your product or solution can help them along with the investment required.



Deliver a custom presentation on how your offering is uniquely positioned to address their specific needs

Prospects in the Consideration stage of the buyer's journey want to understand how features of your solution are going to help them and their situation. Deliver a custom presentation based on the needs of the buyer and how your company can help solve their problem or pursue a new opportunity.

The inbound salesperson serves as a translator between the messaging on your website and the unique needs of the prospect..


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