Insurance Industry Focus

The goal of our inbound marketing programs is to successfully grow your company in one or more market segments of the insurance industry. 

The marketing methodology and processes used in our inbound marketing programs are developed with a deep understanding of the insurance buying cycle, with a focus on how insurers are currently identifying, researching, evaluating and selecting products and solutions.

Our Inbound Marketing Professional program is designed for small to mid-size organizations with less than 10,000 contacts.


Inbound Professional Includes:

Inbound Marketing Setup

Our Inbound Marketing Professional program includes the initial set-up and the on-going management of your HubSpot Marketing Automation Platform and HubSpot Sales CRM.

Deliverables Included:

  • Importing contacts
  • Initial keyword analysis and development
  • Social media integration of company LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook accounts
  • Migrate existing blog posts
  • Domain management
  • Analytics
  • Sales and marketing dashboards
  • Custom reports and views
  • Marketing lead scoring
  • Sales pipeline forecasting
  • CRM integration

In addition to the initial set-up, customization of your HubSpot portal is an important step that we also provide.

GTM Strategy and Plan

Developing an effective inbound marketing strategy requires an understanding of what is currently happening in the insurance industry marketplace. Market requirements are constantly changing and a market segment that was a good target last year may not be one this year.

Deliverables Included:

  • Identify Target Market Segments
  • (3) Target Market Segments
  • TSI Industry Contacts
  • (6) Buyer Personas
  • Keyword Research
  • Identify Social Media Channels
  • Blog Topics for Target Market Segments
  • Email Campaign Strategy
  • Competitor Analysis

The GTM Strategy Plan is used to set goals for your marketing initiatives and measure the results. 


Insurers are seeking solutions to their problems online on their timeline, and require different types of content at different times.   They are also interested in solving business problems working with solution providers who understand their business and not just the features and benefits of their solution.

What's Included:

  • Four (4) blog posts per month
  • Develop a list of topics
  • Write the blog post
  • Images for each blog article
  • Formatting of Content
  • Optimization the post
  • Calls-to-Action included in all blog articles
  • Promote your blog posts through social media and email marketing
  • Analyze the performance of your blog posts

Social Media

We leverage the appropriate social media channels to help get your content in front of the right contacts and spread the word about your business.

Social Media is important to inbound marketing:

  • There are +2 Billion active social media users worldwide and this number is projected to grow at 25% year over year
  • 9 out of 10 U.S. businesses maintain an active presence on social media

Deliverables Included:

  • Management of all social media channels
  • Monitoring of all social media channels
  • Automated publishing
  • Daily Social Media Game Plan

Content Development

Developing relevant content to keep your contacts interested in learning more about your company and solutions throughout their buying cycle is key to any inbound marketing campaign.

The best way to keep contacts interested and engaged is to focus on developing thought leadership content. This is one of the best ways to demonstrate your knowledge of the industry as opposed to delivering a sales pitch.  Our domain knowledge and experience in the insurance industry enables us to help you develop the appropriate thought leadership content for your target audience.

Deliverables Included:

  • Monthly Content Calendar
  • Subject Research and Recommendations
  • (4) Blog articles per month
  • (3) Calls-to-Action per quarter
  • (3) Landing Pages including forms per quarter
  • (3) Thank-you Pages per quarter
  • (4) Offers Per Year - eBooks, eGuides

SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving your website so that it attracts more visitors from search engines and an important part of any inbound marketing strategy.

Having an effective SEO strategy will help interested buyers find your content at various stages of their buying cycle.

Deliverables Included:

  • Keyword Research/Analysis quarterly
  • Search Engine Optimization for:
    • Website Pages
    • Landing Pages
    • Blog Articles
    • Email Campaigns
    • Calls-to-Action
  • Competitor Analysis and Tracking

Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be an effective method of communicating with prospects and customers.

Some of the reasons why email works:

  • Email is a channel that you own
  • 77% of consumers prefer email for marketing communications
  • Email lets you be highly personal
  • 91% of consumers check their email daily

What's Included:

  • (4) Email Campaigns per Month
  • Images or Diagrams
  • Custom email template
  • Custom blog email template
  • Email Analysis and Custom Reports
  • Automated workflows for inbound lead assignments
  • Set-up of email Sequences for Sales

Program Management

We provide on-going support for your inbound marketing program including the management of your HubSpot platform.

Deliverables Included:

  • Full utilization of HubSpot Marketing Professional and HubSpot CRM Sales or Sales Pro
  • Automated Inbound Lead Scoring with email notification
  • Weekly Strategy/Review Calls
  • Automated workflows for contact management
  • Prospect management
  • User and Partner Management
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Optional Services

In addition to the services provided with our inbound marketing programs, we offer optional services on a project or on-going basis.

Inbound Professional Optional Services:

Website Assessment

Have you recently invested a significant amount of time and money launching a new website that isn't generating leads for your company? If your answer is yes, you are not alone.

Most websites are not designed to generate leads, but rather showcase the products and services offered by the company. 

The good news is this can be relatively easy to correct. We analyze several aspects of your website and provide recommendations on how your website can be working hard generating leads for your company.

Project Deliverables Include:

  • Content Review: Does your website provide helpful information at all three stages of the buyer's journey?
  • Conversion Opportunities: What conversion opportunities or calls-to-action (CTAs) exist and where new CTA should be placed.
  • Site Navigation: How easy is it for visitors to find the information they are looking for? We evaluate how your menus are set up along with links to both internal and external pages.
  • Performance: The performance of your website is crucial to increasing traffic, improving conversion rates, generating leads and revenue.
  • Mobile readiness: With traffic from mobile devices increasing, your website should be optimized for mobile. We review your website to grade how mobile-friendly your site is.
  • SEO: Your site has to be easy to find by interested buyers. We assess your website to determine how easy your site is to discover via search bots by grading page titles, meta descriptions and other data.
  • Security: Having an SSL certificate protects your website from attacks and provides your visitors with the confidence that your site is authentic. Visitors to your site may feel safer to enter their contact information.

Our blog post "3 Reasons Your New Website Isn't Generating Leads" has more details on how companies can not only increase traffic to their website but generate leads from interested buyers.


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Website Migration

If you choose to host your website on the HubSpot Content Optimization System (COS), we offer several migration options to meet your specific needs:

Options Include:

  • Migration and hosting of your current website content and theme style to the HubSpot Content Optimization System (COS)
  • Migration of your website content to a default HubSpot website theme
  • Migration of your website content to a website template packs purchased through the HubSpot Marketplace

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Training - Inbound Marketing for the Insurance Industry

HubSpot Academy offers several excellent online courses that are available to your sales and marketing teams to become proficient in inbound marketing. We augment the HubSpot training with live, online training of how to leverage the power of inbound marketing when targeting the insurance industry.

Deliverables Included:

  • Training of specific customizations to your HubSpot marketing platform for the insurance industry
  • Best practices for developing the appropriate buyer personas
  • Overview of targeted industry segments
  • Best Practices for marketing to insurance carriers, MGAs, TPAs and Program Administrators
  • Best Practices for marketing to self-insured organizations

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Inbound Sales Assessment

Our Inbound Sales Assessment service can help you decide if an inbound sales approach makes sense for your organization. 

Deliverables Include:

  • Analysis of your current sales process; what has worked well and what hasn't
  • Inbound Sales SWOT analysis of your organization:
    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses
    • Opportunities
    • Threats
  • Implementation Plan: from the SWOT analysis, we develop a plan that includes the approximate cost and time required to implement an inbound sales strategy for your company
  • Key findings and recommendations

If you decide to move forward with implementing an inbound sales strategy, can work with you to develop a transition plan that spans weeks or months.


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