What Can Inbound Marketing Do For My Company?

Help Interested Buyers Find Your Company

Do you know how most insurers identify potential solutions to solve a business problem or take advantage of an opportunity in the market? Like everybody else they start by searching the web.

Help Educate Interested Buyers

When buyers visit your website are you making it easy for them to learn how you can help them? With so many options to choose from in the market, educating visitors on how you can solve their problem will separate you from competitors.

Help Buyers Evaluate Your Offerings

What can you offer an interested buyer to test your product or service in their environment and ultimately become a customer? Before making a decision, many insurers may want something more than the "Contact Us" option.

Help Keep Customers Happy

Successful companies continue marketing to their customers to update them on new ways they can help them and develop a loyal customer base of promoters of their company.

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What is Inbound Marketing?

Technology has changed how insurers identify, research, evaluate and select products and solutions for their organizations. The traditional methods of cold-calling, email blasts, appointment setting and other disruptive tactics are slowly fading away.
Inbound Marketing focuses on creating educational content that attracts potential buyers to your website where thy can learn more about how your products and services throughout their buying cycle.
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The Four Stages of Inbound Methodology


Help Insurers find your products and solutions early in their buying cycle

You want to attract contacts that will potentially become leads. Attract your ideal customer or buyer persona by creating content that's valuable and easy for them to find.

Step 1 Attract.png


Educate visitors on your website as the evaluate solutions in the market

Once you've got visitor to your site, the next step is to convert those visitors into leads by gathering their contact information. In order to get this valuable information, you need to offer something up in return that is helpful and valuable to them.

Step 2 Convert.png


Turn qualified leads who are ready to buy into customers

One you've attracted the right visitors and converted the right leads, you need to transform those leads into customers with targeted, automated email nurturing and social media interaction.

Step 3 Close.png


Keep your customers happy and turn them into promoters

Using context and personalization to deliver tailored messages, continue to engage with, delight, and (hopefully) upsell your current customer base into happy promoters of your company.

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Inbound Marketing Programs and Services

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