About TSI Consultants

[fa icon="plus-square"] What is the difference between what TSI Consultants offer and an industry analyst firm?
Our focus is to help our insurance clients gain an understanding of what other insurers have expereinced with a specific vendor product or solution.
[fa icon="plus-square"] What type of solution providers have you worked with?
Our clients are typically companies that provide a business solution to the insurance industry. We have worked with solution providers that provide:
  • Core systems (Policy Administration/Claims/Billing) for P&C, Workers Compensation, Life, Health and the Alternative Risk Market
  • Business intelligence including predictive analytics for fraud and subrogation
  • Agent/broker and consumer portal solutions including mobile
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions
  • Policy verification/rate integrity programs for commercial and personal lines
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, Advanced Case Management (ACM) and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions
  • Workers compensation electronic payment
  • Professional services for both business and information technology organizations
[fa icon="plus-square"] Can you provide us with contacts in the industry?

We have over 30,000 contacts in the insurance industry that are segmented by:

Account Type - carrier, MGA, TPA, self-insured, etc.

Contact Type - claims, underwriting, financial

[fa icon="plus-square"] Do you have experience working for an insurance company such as a carrier, brokerage firm or agency?
Yes, we hire professionals that have worked for either an insurance company, a solution provider or both. Our Vice President of Operations has over 30 years of experience working in information technology at The Hartford Insurance Group. Other staff members have owned their owned their own insurance agency and worked for carriers such as AIG, Meadowbrook and AAA.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Do you offer any of your services outside of the insurance industry?
No, our industry focus is exclusively within the insurance industry with property & casualty, workers' compensation, life insurance and healthcare carriers plus the self-insured, alternative risk market.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Do you have experience working with foreign companies trying to enter the North American Insurance market?
Yes, we have worked with many clients from Canada, Europe and Japan to help them understand how their products and services can be adopted to the U.S. insurance market. Our market research offering can help companies interested in entering the U.S. insurance market determine the level of investment required to change their offering and update their marketing materials.
[fa icon="plus-square"] We are an early stage start-up company with a limited marketing budget. Do you have any offerings that we can afford?

Several marketing automation software companies offer low-cost solutions to companies on a limited budget. If you are angel funded or part of an incubator group funded by various entities in the insurance industry, you may be eligible for substantial discounts on marketing automation software for a period of time.

Inbound Marketing

[fa icon="plus-square"] What is Inbound Marketing?
Inbound marketing is based on customer-centric marketing practices to attract interested buyers to your website by creating content to help them solve a problem or take advantage of an opportunity.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Does Inbound Marketing work in the insurance industry?
Insurers are bombarded with cold-calls, requests for appointments and demos. As a result, many insurers will not accept unsolicited calls from vendors. The inbound marketing approach educates interested buyers during their buying cycle allowing them to contact vendors they are interested in when they are ready.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Can you help me determine what segment of the industry I should target?
Before starting any engagement with a client, we review with them what segment(s) of the industry they are considering and why. We also will make recommendations based on our experience working with similar clients.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Our new website isn't generating any leads, how can you help?
There are many reasons why a new website may not be generating leads. We provide a free website assessment to help identify how you can convert visitors to your website into leads and customers.

Inbound Sales

[fa icon="plus-square"] What is Inbound Sales?

Inbound Sales is a methodology for creating a sales process that matches how people buy through the three stages of the buyer's journey:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision
[fa icon="plus-square"] Why am I missing out on sales opportunities?
Today when we are searching for just about anything, we search online and potential buyers for your solution are no different. If the buyer has never heard of your company and doesn't find your company online, odds are you will miss out on that opportunity. Read our blog post 3 Reasons You May Be Missing Sales Opportunites to learn more.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Do you offer any Inbound Sales services?
We have several inbound sales offerings to help you, starting with a free assessment to determine if an inbound sales methodology is right for you. From there we can help you develop an inbound sales strategy for your company, educate and train your sales team and implement an inbound sales process in your CRM.